What is the best handgun and rifle ever made?

by Hunter on December 18, 2013

Question by brosledley1199: What is the best handgun and rifle ever made?
For the best rifle, I will go with the M1 Garand.

For the best handgun, I will go with the Colt Single Action Army.

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Answer by waeyeaw
Depends on what you are using it for…..What is the particular job you need a weapon for?

If you want to make sure there is nothing left of your target and you need distance too – .50 Cal mounted would do the work.

An M1 will also give you extremely high accuracy too.

My own weapon of choice is a .50 Desert Eagle and then there are the baby eagles too.
.44 S&W does nice work also.

Over all a Beretta .45 is a highly reliable weapon and then there is the current crop of 9 MM which work and are easy to handle.

Now if I am out hunting or trap shooting I will either use one of the three weapons
Semi-Auto Mossberg
Over/Under Mossberg Silver
Either a Remington Pump or a Mossberg Pump will do the work for me.

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